pool builder and design process

Your Ready To Get Your Pool, So Now What?

If you want the very best, you’re in the right place. In planning your pool you will have many choices and decisions. One of the first and most important will be choosing a builder. Nothing will influence your satisfaction more, than the builder you choose. By building pools of exceptional design and quality, and delivering outstanding customer service, we have established ourselves as the clear choice

Pool Contractor in Lincoln Nebraska.

We start with helpful information. Our process starts with an overview of pools, –options, and considerations. We focus on presenting all the information in a simple easy to understand way. We take the time to provide honest answers to all your questions. Instead of focusing on what we want to sell you, we focus on helping you explore what you want and need.

A good design is the end result of our approach.

In Ground PoolIts more than just a shape style or features. It’s the combination of visual appeal and style, with common sense engineering that results in something beautiful, strong, and simple to own. Good complete designs lead to organized planning and construction.

When you choose Pool Designs, your choosing the best. We offer the Pacific Graphex pool system. This high tech state of the art system is the absolute best available. Polymer resin technology used by the Stealth bomber and high impact sports equipment, means super strength in a rust and corrosion free product. It is backed by the best warranty in the industry, and supported by the largest, oldest and most established pool company in the world.

For more ideas and facts view our online brochure - Welcome To Your Backyard Escape or watch a few short porduct videos about features and equipment --> watch here.

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